About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Alyona and welcome to my Bi Organically Within website! This blog is about a happy, healthy and lean lifestyle. And this place is for natural-minded mamas, who prefers organic living.

My story

I was born in Europe 31 years ago and grew up in the house with a huge garden. We had our own organic fruits, vegetables, greens, berries you name it.

So 8 years ago I moved to the United States, and it was shocking to me how many “picky eaters” are here (including my husband and now my son). They just would not eat their fruits and veggies in any shape or form. How many preservatives in the food, sugar, artificial coloring!!! It was blowing my mind! And that’s when I started doing my researches of powdered superfoods, herbal remedies, and essential oils.

I’m not a doctor, or a “health guru” I’m just a mom and wife who wants the best for her family. That’s why researching how we can improve and nourish our body became a hobby of mine. And I would love to share it with you. Also, you will find in this blog weight loss tips, beauty tricks, product reviews a little bit of everything:)

Meaning of this site

This site was created to inform, inspire and help you to make healthy choices when it comes to superfoods or supplements, diet, nutrition…

I strive to be the best source of helpful, interesting, easy to understand information and explanations of health benefits, nutrient-rich supplements.


I’m happy you are reading this blog and hope you will find it helpful. There are too many products in the marketplace cause harm to our bodies, and here you will find only pure and organic products.

We all have One body, One life, let’s take care of it and make it count. Treat your body and mind well. Nourish it. Love it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Alyona founder of biorganicallywithin.com

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