What Is A Keto Diet And How Does It Work?

what is a keto diet and how does it work

If you are reading this article, you probably looking for answers about one of the most popular diet Ketogenic Diet. Are you trying to lose weight or just curious what exactly is keto diet?


If you are on your weight loss journey, and considering going on a keto diet, WAIT! Read this post first! I did my research, so you don’t have to.

Throughout this article, we will take a deeper look at keto diet and danger of it.

What Exactly Is Keto Diet?

It’s a low carb, high in fat, moderate in protein diet. Basically,  10% of daily calories come from carbs, 20% from protein and the rest 70% from healthy fats. This diet claims to turn your body into a “fat burning machine”.

Basically, the keto diet works by changing your body’s primary fuel source, which are carbs. Our bodies use carbohydrates for energy, so cutting them out of our diet means we have to use something else to keep our organs functioning.

When you stop consuming carbohydrates, your body will use up your glycogen (stored glucose) for energy. When those are used up, you lose the fluid that was stored along with the glycogen as well.

The low carbohydrate consumption puts your body into a state of ketosis, when you start burning stored fats as fuel, leading to further weight loss.

Does the diet work? A person who follows a keto diet most likely will lose weight. However, once a person stops eating this way and goes back to a previous eating habit, the weight will come back on and even more.

What Is A “Keto Flu”?

Many keto dieters experience what is often called “keto flu” – a temporary state of flu-like symptoms. This doesn’t last more than a week, and you may experience fatigue, irritability, nausea, and muscle weakness, have trouble sleeping.

You lose a lot of water weight at first, which can lead to dehydration. This can worsen the symptoms of the keto flu.

Your body used to rely mainly on glucose for energy and so it will need to switch to using ketones for fuel. This adaption process is known as keto-adaption. And it may result in some initial “brain fog”, but it will go away once the body has fully adapted. These flu-like symptoms can last between 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks, just enough time for your body to adapt into ketosis state.

What Are Health Risks Of Keto Diet?

The negative effects of Ketogenic Diet are rapidly dropping blood sugar levels and sustaining longevity with your weight loss plan. Along with that comes constipation, bad breath, leg cramps, increased cravings, kidney stones.

Constipation is a very common side effect of a keto diet. Simply, because you are not getting enough fiber, avoiding fruits, starchy veggies, legumes, and whole grains. Drink plenty of water and consider increasing your consumption of fibrous vegetables, legumes, and nuts.

Bad breath sometimes it’s called “keto breath”, can sometimes occur as you enter the fat burning state of ketosis. This is temporary and usually disappear after a few weeks.

Here are the few tips that can help with this side effect:

  • increase your water intake
  • eat less protein
  • practice good oral hygiene
  • slightly increase your carb intake

Leg Cramps is a possible side effect of the ketogenic diet. Hyponatremia is one of the causes of leg cramps, which occur when the level of sodium in the blood is too low. Sodium is an electrolyte and it helps regulate the amount of water that’s in and around your cells. It also helps maintain stable blood pressure levels.

Increased cravings. Some people experience carbohydrate cravings due to blood sugar response from lack of carbs. These cravings tend to go away or improve after a few weeks.

Low blood sugar. In the keto diet, the human body is forced to use fat instead of glucose as an energy source, which can cause to hypoglycemia. It’s a low blood glucose level, it’s pretty uncommon among people without diabetes. It’s related to a ketogenic diet because diabetic people often receive a ketogenic diet to treat type 2 diabetes.

Kidney stone formation. Animal protein has been directly connected with increasing kidney stone odds. It raises your uric acid, but it also lowers your citrate (a substance that prevents stones) and rises your oxalate (a substance that creates stones).

Erosion of bones is a major side effect of ketosis. Being in ketosis, you tend to reduce consumption of calcium. Eliminating food containing fibers is crucial because fibers contain phytochemicals such as phytic acid, oxalates, and tannis and that’s the reason why gut refuses to absorb calcium. This leads to weakened bones and you are more prone to fractures.

In Summary…

The real reason why ketogenic diet doesn’t work is it’s not sustainable for the long term. Because we all have holidays, vacations, parties…there is at least one time you will find yourself eating higher carb foods. Which leads to immediate weight gain after eating one slice of pizza.

keto diet

I practice moderation and portion control, a well-balanced diet filled with lots of vegetables.

Any diet that is extreme as keto eliminates all joy associated with eating real food and enjoying life. That’s why I don’t recommend the keto diet. Instead, I would suggest cutting on processed foods, high carbs like sugary beverages and refined grains and fill up on more healthy carbs like veggies and fruits, legumes, healthy fats, and 100% whole grains.

You don’t need to follow extreme diets or put your health at risk to lose unwanted pounds. Simply use these tips to get rid of excess weight.

Check out my top recommendation for healthy weight loss here

If you have health problems and your doctor advises you to start a keto diet, in this case, I would recommend listening to your doctor.

And I would love to hear your experience with Ketogenic Diet, please leave your comment below.

Be Happy, Healthy, And Lean!




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23 thoughts on “What Is A Keto Diet And How Does It Work?

  1. I recently became an ex-vegan, so I’ve been looking into other diets, and the Keto diet always comes up. Thank you for this post because I get confused about what Keto is exactly and if there are any downsides. A lot of people doing Keto don’t really report the downsides because they’re so excited about it. lol

    I think I will stick with your advice and just do a little bit of everything from now on! I think I’m tired of putting myself into a box. I don’t want to be vegan, keto, low-carb or anything else. I just want to eat like a normal person (well, not “too” normal as the norm now is eating your way to being overweight and poor health) and enjoy my life! 

    Although, you never know. I seem to get sucked into things. haha 

    1. I understand you, Christina! I’ve never been vegan, but I did fasting for a few months and I would say it’s not easy. I felt like I wanted to eat like normal again as well. I tried different diets, putting myself like you would say “in the box”, from my experience moderation is the key;))

  2. Thanks for your post.  I have long been curious about exactly what is the keto diet.Ok so now i know as you described Basically it is  10% of daily calories come from carbs, 20% form protein and the rest 70% from healthy fats. This diet claims to turn your body into a “fat burning machine”.   And the low carbohydrate consumption puts your body into a state of ketosis, when you start burning stored fats as fuel, leading to further weight loss. Thank you for the simple explanation!I came across ketone diet through the MLM company Pruvit and was pretty sceptical why anyone would need expensive supplements and products to do this diet.  Now I see what the Keto diet is about, I agree with you very much and also practice moderation and portion control, a well-balanced diet filled with lots of vegetables.I can see you you don’t recommend the keto diet and I agree!  Thank you

  3. There seems to be so many forms of dieting around these days.  This one is definitely new to me.  I had no idea that it was thought that one could lose weight on a diet that is 70% composed of any type of “fat”

    This form of dieting really does seem to warrant the term Extreme.

    Thanks for the info provided.  I found it very informative. 

  4. Hello Alyona,

    I really did not know the Keto diet. According to you in not recommending it, there may be people with positive results. 

    As you say, we must learn to eat with moderation, be careful with the portions. Another important aspect is eating slowly take your time, do not eat in a hurry. 

    I would like to know your opinion. Consume healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, always with moderation. 

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Claudio, for your comment! You are right, moderation is the key to weight loss success! Portion control is very important! You can eat just fruits and vegetables all day long, and not gonna lose any weight, or you can eat everything but smaller portions, and the unwanted pounds are gonna melt away:)

  5. Great post and good info!

    I’m in the bodybuilding and fitness world for a long while now and Keto dietd are coming more and more into it.

    I love the fact that it is a high fat, low carb product.

    You always have people that are against it, but mainly those are the supplement makers.

    It is also very healthy and it works, so people, really try it to lose weight on a healthy base!

    Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emmanuel! I agree with you, this diet works, you are gonna lose weight, but as soon as you will get back to your old eating habits, you will gain everything back.
      Best Regards,

  6. Hi Alyona

    Fortunately for me, I don’t have to go on a weightloss diet, but I’m always looking for healthy diets to live a healthy lifestyle. If I read your article correct, you just warned people not to go on a Keto diet, because of the harmful effects it can have because of the low carb intake. That list of negatives is quite scary.

    Thank you for this informative article.

  7. With all these diets and different interpretations of these diets it is great to have this post as a guide. I have tried the keto diet before and like you say it isn’t sustainable (for me at least!)

    I am now trying a plant based diet and it seems to be working better for me, especially since the brain fog i used to experience from other diets doesn’t occur on this diet for me. I think the best diet is the one that you can follow and is sustainable. Like your diet I think we should aim for a healthy balance, free from unnatural products like refined grains and sugars.

  8. Hi Alyona,

    Excellent article, I really enjoyed the reading! I’ve never tried the Keto diet. After reading your article, I am happy I didn’t do this diet, it could have caused some health damages. Also, what’s the point of making a diet and once you eat a slice of pizza, you gain everything back:) 

    I do believe that mixing food is not really healthy for the health. There are some diets out there that work great too. But again, once you eat junk food, the weight comes back.

    Thank you very much for this informative post!

  9. I put myself in the place of a real person who wants to lose weight. Interested in the topic of the article. 

    I tried on the advantages and risks of this project for myself. The content of the topic of this article did not convince me of the absolute benefits of Ketogenic Diet. I read the author’s alertness and turned to medical authorities.

    Here from the article by Christophe Kosinski and François R. Jornayvaz ” Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Evidence from Animal and Human Studies”: “Among various diets, ketogenic diets, which are very low in carbohydrates and usually high in fats and/or proteins, have gained in popularity. 

    Results regarding the impact of such diets on cardiovascular risk factors are controversial, both in animals and humans, but some improvements notably in obesity and type 2 diabetes have been described. Unfortunately, these effects seem to be limited in time. 

    Moreover, these diets are not totally safe and can be associated with some adverse events. Notably, in rodents, development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and insulin resistance have been described. The aim of this review is to discuss the role of ketogenic diets on different cardiovascular risk factors in both animals and humans based on available evidence.” 

    My personal choice is to keep up the physical exertion. 

    I express my gratitude to the author for the serious coverage of the topic. Mark

    1. Thank you, Mark, for your comment! I absolutely agree with you, this diet not very safe. It’s for people with serious medical conditions, but if you want to lose less then 10lb, portion control, exercise, and cutting on processed foods should help with that!

      Best regards,

  10. Wow this is very informative. I never heard of the Keto diet until now. Matter of fact I’m trying to lose body fat myself, so I’m cutting back on the carbs! 

    Right now my plan is to cut down on body fat and just up more protein intake so I can maintain muscle mass and do HIIT at the same time. Maybe I should follow a traditional weight loss diet than Keto. Thanks for this info!

    1. Hi JD! I think you are on the right path following a traditional diet. Increasing protein and cutting on bad carbs will definitely help you reach your goal! Good luck!

  11. Hi Alyona! I have been hearing this keto diet for a while now. So, I have started researching about it. I must say I have heard people defending it and condemning it.

    But after reading quite a lot, I must say I am starting to arrive at the conclusion that it has more side effects than benefits. I agree with you that there are much healthier alternatives. Thank you for this great post!

  12. Thanks so much for this great explanation of Keto. I am very much for a well rounded diet as opposed to extremely limiting anything. I think fad diets are hard to maintain and not well explained. Thanks for showing the other side of them.

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